Research is the backbone of CEDSI. The initial interactions with the stakeholders have revealed a massive gap of skill availability in the dairy sector at all levels of the value chain. CEDSI’s Research vertical, would collaborate with like-minded institutions/stakeholders to conduct regular dipsticks and pilot studies to understand the critical success factors for profitable dairying in those areas. The research division also studies and create a compendium of best practices in dairy farming from productivity and quality perspective. CEDSI also maps the emerging technologies against the needs and identify opportunities for livelihood and entrepreneurship in emerging areas. CEDSI will focus on applied research as a follow-up plan with the current research findings. The research division will be responsible for developing relevant, actionable models for implementation to make the dairy value chain productive as well as profitable.

The research division will primarily focus on the following two areas for conducting research:

CEDSI shall even undertake an exercise to assess the skilling requirements of stakeholders in the dairy ecosystem at various levels. Considering that the dairy landscape is changing faster with the introduction of newer technologies, practices, etc., it is important to assess not only current but future readiness of the workforce and design training programs accordingly.