Enhancing Milk Productivity: Optimal Breed Selection with CEDSI’s Support


Continuing our series on factors that impact milk productivity, we turn our focus to breed selection. Choosing the right breed of cattle is crucial for maximizing milk production and overall dairy farm profitability. The Center of Excellence for Dairy Skills in India (CEDSI) recognizes the significance of optimal breed selection and extends its support to farmers in this regard. In this blog, we will delve into the importance of breed selection, explore the current scenario in India, highlight CEDSI’s role in promoting informed decisions, and discuss the interlinkages between breed selection and milk productivity.

The Link between Breed Selection and Milk Productivity:

The breed of cattle has a direct impact on milk productivity. Different breeds exhibit variations in milk yield, fat content, protein content, adaptability to local conditions, and disease resistance. Selecting the right breed ensures that farmers can maximize milk production and profitability.

State-wise Data on Breed and Productivity (As of 2023)

StateProminent BreedMilk Productivity (Average Daily Yield)
Andhra PradeshOngole6-8 liters
GujaratGir8-12 liters
HaryanaSahiwal8-12 liters
KarnatakaHallikar6-8 liters
MaharashtraJersey10-14 liters
PunjabHolstein-Friesian25-30 liters
RajasthanTharparkar8-12 liters
Tamil NaduKangayam6-8 liters
Uttar PradeshMurrah Buffalo8-12 liters
West BengalRed Sindhi6-8 liters

CEDSI’s Role in Promoting Informed Decisions

CEDSI recognizes the significance of informed breed selection and plays a vital role in educating farmers about different breeds’ characteristics and productivity. Through its training programs, CEDSI provides farmers with knowledge and resources to make informed decisions based on their specific farming conditions and objectives.

CEDSI offers guidance on various factors to consider during breed selection, including milk yield potential, adaptability to local conditions, disease resistance, and overall herd management. This helps farmers select breeds that align with their goals and optimize milk productivity.

Furthermore, CEDSI provides access to breed improvement programs and initiatives. These programs focus on selective breeding, genetic enhancement, and artificial insemination techniques to improve the quality and productivity of indigenous breeds. By leveraging scientific advancements, CEDSI empowers farmers to enhance their herd’s genetic potential and overall milk productivity.


In conclusion, breed selection is a crucial factor in maximizing milk productivity in dairy farming. Understanding the characteristics and productivity of different breeds allows farmers to make informed decisions. CEDSI’s role in promoting informed breed selection through education, access to breed improvement programs, and collaboration with experts greatly supports farmers in optimizing milk productivity. By choosing the right breed and implementing effective management practices, farmers can achieve higher milk yields, improved breed characteristics, and overall sustainability in their dairy operations.

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